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The Big Sky Thunderbirds RC Flying Club



The Big Sky Thunderbirds was founded over 55 years ago as the "Blue Mountain Aero Modelers".  The Blue Mountain Aero Modelers flying field was located in the lower Miller Creek area and was left after the acquisition of a flying site near Frenchtown.  Because of the move, a name change was deemed appropriate by the members and a contest was held to select the new name.  The Big Sky Thunderbirds won out and so the club was born.  The move from Frenchtown, after over 25 years of use, to the present site was necessary because a rock crushing operation was moved in beneath our over-fly area, safety being the main concern.

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2014 Events for Surrounding areas and T-Birds

July 2014

12 - Spokane Pylon Race
13 - Helena Float Fly
19-20 Great Falls fly-in / open house
26 - Helena ALES
26 - Bozeman Battle For The Mountains Combat

August 2014

2-3 Billings fly-in
2-3 Three Forks full scale fly-in/ limited RC flight
9 - Missoula Wounded Warriors fly-in
16-17 Polson Wings for Wishes fly-in
16-17 Helena ALES Third Annual Montana Summer ALES
23 - Great Falls Float fly/fun fly
30 - 1 Helena Pylon race
30-31 IMAC event

Sept 2014
6-7 Kalispell fly-in
13 - Bozeman fly-in
13-14 Warbirds Over the Rockies (Ft Collins Co.... I'll be going)
20 - Great Falls Float Fly in Ft Benton on the Missouri.

Oct 2013
25 Helena ALES Contest

Nov 2013


Big Sky Thunderbirds Present New Flag

to the Montana Army National Guard Readiness/Reserve Center



On Thursday, June 6th, the Thunderbirds presented Sergeant Rick Brown from the Montana Army National Guard Readiness/Reserve Center with a new ten by fifteen foot American Flag for their facility.  This heavy-duty, nylon, out-door flag from Flags.com replaces the three by five foot flag authorized by the State of Montana.  On its 50-foot pole, the old flag looked too much like a postage stamp on a broom handle!

The purpose of this donation, by the Thunderbirds, was to demonstrate appreciation to the solders and staff of the armory for their generous hospitality in letting the club use their gym for in-door flying every other Wednesday evening from October through May.  Winter gym flying proved to be one of the Thunderbirds best-attended events with an average of 12 members attending each evening.

Attending the flag presentation were Chris Beaulieu, Ron Ramer, Jack Ramer, Bob Burgan, Larry Clawson, John Lundt and Duane Felstet.  Sergeant Brown expressed his profound appreciation for this gift.  He stated that we were most welcome to use their facility next fall and winter and looked forward to seeing us then.

Next time you are driving on Highway 93 North, be sure to look at the armory and its new flag.  It is a truly impressive sight!


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GPS Coordinates:

46 57.922 N 114 11.557 W


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Guest and Spectators Guidelines


Spectators are welcome at any time. Flying is allowed by members and invited guests only. All pilots MUST have AMA membership or be connected to a qualified pilot via a buddy box (Trainer System). For safety, all spectators must remain behind the pit tables.